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I have learned in my 24 years as a Georgia lawyer that a case is only as good as the client. What else I learned is that when the attorney and the client team up together the case is the strongest.

That's why in my practice I stress communication with my clients, so we are of one mind of the job to be done, the case to be won.

The well-being of my clients is also a priority of mine. What good is an award of money when the client still has personal issues that have not been addressed? I view the resolution of most legal problems as a healing process independent of the monetary victory.

My clients can have tremendous input into the manner in which their cases are handled or they can leave the vast majority of work to me. I want to compliment my clients' personal styles and perogatives.

Yet, I still get a great thrill out of getting the most money I can for my client, or the fairest treatment in civil, criminal and traffic courts.

I have enthusiasm for the law, and I want it to rub off on every single client. I want to be there for you when you need it. I want to be there for you even when you don't need it.

I believe you will like my fees. I endeavor to make my fee affordable to all who need my services. I do not undergo expenses unless entirely necessary, and then with the knowledge and approval of my clients.

I am willing to handle cases throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, as I am already familiar with their courts.

My legal studies at Emory University School of Law, where I graduated with national honors have prepared me to handle the complexities of difficult legal situations.

Yet, I strive to make sure that I communicate with all my clients so that they are able to understand and cope with their legal predicament.

I have tried to make my website reflect who I am as an attorney. Feel free to browse its pages and to contact me. There is no obligation.

But give me a chance to be your lawyer. We both might just benefit from the association.

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My Hobbie is Aikido a Japanese Martial way! Check it out: The Aikido Center of Atlanta


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