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Welcome to Atlanta Legal Soultions!

Law is one of the oldest professions known to civilization. One whose goal is to give legal advice and assistance to clients and to represent them in court and in other legal matters. The Law has been the vehicle by which people have resolved disputes since biblical times. The rule of law is the singlemost important factor in the emergence and growth of civilization as we know it. Lawyers are paid for their time and advice. I am proud to be a part of this ancient and time-honored tradition. For over twenty-six years I have practiced Law in the greater metropolitan area courts. Teamwork between lawyer and client is the key to a successful outcome, that's why in my practice I stress communication with my clients, so we are of one mind of the job to be done, the case to be won.

In today's online world a lawyer's traditional role is still of vital importance. That is why I give a free online consultation to any Georgia resident with a legal problem in Georgia. There is no obligation to hire me to pursue your legal problem, however, rest assured that anything discussed through my free online consultation will be held in the strictest of confidence. I have tried to make my web site reflect who I am as an attorney and the areas in which I practice. Feel free to browse its pages and to contact me.

Disclaimer: The information contained at this site is for informational purposes only. These materials do not constitute the provision of legal advice or the establishment of an attorney - client relationship. Viewing any of these materials is not a substitute for obtaining the advice of an attorney. You are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney before acting upon any legal matter!

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